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Published on December 6th, 2007 | by edfblog


Environmental Defense: Decorate with Energy-Saving LED Christmas Lights

LED-Xmas_treeSave money and cut pollution

Since 1933, New York City has gotten into the holiday spirit with a giant Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. But this year, the famed tree has a new look: LED lights.

You too can spruce up your tree with decorative LED string lights – and save electricity and money in the process. LEDs use much less electricity, reduce pollution from power plants and last longer. And they stay cooler, too. While they cost a bit more than traditional strings of lights, the electricity savings easily make up the cost difference within a season or two.

Where to get LED Christmas lights

These are more readily available than ever. Among the places that have a large selection are:

Don’t stop there — stuff stockings with more energy-savers!

While you’re at it, stuff those stockings with energy-saving light bulbs. The technology in earth-friendly CFLs has leapt ahead, and they now come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Our bulb guide help you choose.

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