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More Plans for DIY Vertical Gardens

As we’ve pointed out many, many times before, gardening is an easy entry into more sustainable living. But if you live in an apartment, a mobile home, or a house with little or no yard space, you may think you’re just out of luck. Fear not – if you can’t spread vegetable plants outward, you may be able to plant them upward with a vertical garden design.

Several years ago at our blogathon for Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Jeffrey Davis’ post on vertical gardening ideas was one of the most popular of the event. So when I came across some new plans from The Garden Glove, I had to share. Take a look at these diy vertical gardens below, and let us know what you do to grow vegetables in small spaces. I may take some time to respond, though… I’ll probably be hitting the flea markets for chests of drawers and wooden ladders…

Go Vertical! DIY Gardens for Small Spaces

small space vertical garden wall

When gardening in a small space, it can be tough to fit in everything you would like to grow, especially if you are a plant collector. Garden trends make way for vertical gardening, which create growing space where there was none, help keep down garden chores, and can promote healthy growth in your plants. Oh, and they are an easy DIY garden project! So if your garden area is tight, try these five great vertical gardens to get the most of your outdoor space! Go vertical!

Idea 1-

Create simple wooden boxes, each one smaller than the one below, and stack them stair style. Fill with potting soil, and plant the layers. This could be done nearly free by taking apart wooden pallets picked up from local retail stores, and reassembling them into boxes. Creative tip: Plant the whole garden box with the same type of plant, in different colors or varieties for each level.

small space vertical garden ideas

Idea 2-

Got an old dresser? This is a charming cottage version of the above idea, but the work is already done for you! With the drawers pulled out and filled with soil, the dresser is bound to be front heavy. Secure it from the back to a fence or post in the ground. Check out the tutorial at Grizzly Bear Modern.

small space vertical gardens diy

 Idea 3-

Got an ugly metal fence? Punch holes in simple metal or plastic containers, and hang onto the fence with an s-hook. Plant with your fav flowers or herbs! Remember, keep the containers small enough so that the fence will hold the weight when they are full of soil.

small space vertical garden fence

Idea 4-

Got an old wooden ladder you wouldn’t dare step foot on anymore? Chances are, it’s plenty strong enough to hold its share of plants! Lean against a wall or tree, and secure with a few screws if necessary. Love this!


 Idea 5-

Create a vertical garden frame to hang on a wall. Be aware, these are heavy! However, they are stunning, especially when planted with succulents, herbs, or rock garden plants. In a shallow wooden box or frame, (how about an old frame from a thrift store, for some style?) staple a sheet of chicken wire over the top. Fill packed with soil. Using the end of a wooden spoon, insert small plant starts through the chicken wire into the soil, and pack down. Water well and leave on the ground for 2 weeks before you hang to give the roots a plant to take hold. Hang with heavy duty hangers! Great stuff!

small space vertical garden framed

No matter how small your garden space, there is always a way to create your own little bit of green earth!

Image Credits: sewafineseamsky-parlour.blogspotapartmenttherapygrizzlybearmodern

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