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DIY Home Decor: How to Upcycle a Globe into a Conversation Piece

Did you buy a globe for the kids when they were in elementary school? Of course you did: a globe’s a fantastic educational tool! Is it now sitting in the basement, along with other “fantastic education tools?” Yeah, yeah…

Of course, globes have also been used as decorative items for centuries… so why not take brush that old one off, take it upstairs, and turn it into a piece of home decor that will make you guests say “Ohhhh…” Sister site Crafting a Green World put together this fantastic list of projects  all involving upcycling a globe into a piece of DIY home decor that fits your style. And, if you don’t have one in the basement, fear not: someone’s probably selling theirs kids’ globe at a yard sale…

Know of other ways to repurpose a globe into a functional and/or fashionable decorative piece? Share it with us… in the comments.

DIY Crafts: 20 Ways to Upcycle a Globe (via

Upcycle a globe with fun and incredible DIY crafts! After the Reduce, Reuse, Redecorate: 50 DIY Map Projects for Your Home post, I had map fever! I wanted to cover everything in my home with maps, so I started by covering an old cigar box with a map…

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