Month: June 2004

Most Support Fight Against Global Warming According to this poll. OK, the constituency is out there — how about a political leader with the common sense to grab this one??

Green Las Vegas?? Who’d a thunk it? As a former Las Vegas resident, I certainly wouldn’t have thought “Sin City” was capable of thinking green, not with its “more, bigger” [ … ]

The Dead Zone… isn’t just a TV show. According to the Earth Policy Institute, scientists have measured definite increases in oceanic “dead zones” that are caused by fertilizer run-off and [ … ]

From Poop to Power Remember all of those jokes about the government funding studies of cow flatulance? Turns out they might have been on to something. The Straus Family Creamery, [ … ]

Summer Blockbusters and Global Warming I haven’t seen The Day After Tomorrow yet, and I’m not generally a fan of summer disaster films, but this one’s sparking a lot of [ … ]

Pissing off Barbra Streisand and PG&E… seem like monumental tasks in and of themselves, but Kenneth and Gabrielle Adelman have done much more, as outlined in this story from Salon. [ … ]