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Local Food, Straight from the Backyard

A couple of weeks ago, Kemper Barkhurst at dropped me a note about a concept he was developing: urban harvesting. In his post on the topic, Kemper notes that much (perhaps most) of the food we eat in the US travels long distances to get from farm to plate; at the same time, many […]

November 29th

People Powered Energy: Portable Wind Turbine and Power Bank

About three years ago in design school at the University of Michigan, I was making concept sketches of wearable energy-generating devices, such as turbines, for my thesis on people-powered energy systems. Although I focused in on a different, yet quite similar, project, I have been waiting for a personal, handheld wind turbine to come to […]

November 28th

Power to the People: Sweet Rudy Blue Eyes

Editor’s note: This week, Smartpower‘s Mike Garofalo takes a look at former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani’s positions on energy and the environment. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is one of the ‘top tier’ candidates for the Republican nomination for President. Rudy served as Mayor from 1994 through 2001, distinguishing himself in […]

November 28th

China Goes Big on Wind

Everything we hear about China seems to be BIG. Big numbers of people, big numbers of cars, pollution, quantity of food, and so on. Now, a new report out by the Worldwatch Institute says that China is going big in another way: renewable energy. Powering China’s Development: The Role of Renewable Energy finds that China […]

November 28th

Product Review: act 2-Green Smart Laptop Jacket

A sign that the green movement has truly taken hold: when consumer products made in a green way look exactly like a non-green product. Gone are the days when recycled or organic meant frumpy granola. So I was pleased when I received an act 2-Green Smart‘s All-Around Laptop Jacket by Shoreline in the mail and […]

November 27th

Bayer Invests Over a Billion in Climate Change

Bayer – the multinational chemical giant that also makes your aspirin – has announced it will spend $1.46 billion dollars in the next three years on a new climate program aimed at cutting carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions that contribute to global warming. This is the first I’ve heard of Bayer taking a leadership role in […]

November 26th

Magazine Review: GOOD November/December 2007 Issue

Billboards, commercials, shopping bags, newspapers, pop-up ads … do you ever get sick of all the media around you? Finding anyone that is talking about something that actually matters is harder than ever these days, but a group of folks (in Los Angeles of all places) is doing just that. Started only last year, GOOD […]

November 26th

A New Process to Make Products from Recycled Plastics

Over 11% of household waste is plastic. It is critical today that we begin to recycle the plastic waste and use products made of the plastic we recycle. If you don’t like doing it, here is an incentive for you. Designers today are thinking up new ways to make everyday products out our recycled materials. […]

November 23rd

The Six Sins of Greenwash… and How to Repent

I’ve come across so many claims of “greenwash” in the last year or so that I’ve become a bit inured to them: for some environmental activists, making this charge against any form of corporate sustainability efforts seems reflexive. Of course, my mild cynicism towards such claims isn’t much better: there certainly are marketers that, knowingly […]

November 23rd

Power To The People: Ch-ch-ch-Changes

Editor’s note: This week, SmartPower communications director Mike Garofalo takes a look at the energy and environmental positions of one the leading candidates in the Democratic field: Senator Barack Obama. Senator Barack Obama is the junior US Senator representing the state of Illinois in the US Senate. He was elected to the Senate in 2004 […]

November 21st