Green Employment Benefits-A Brilliant Idea

  • Published on February 1st, 2008 by

News out of the renewable energy industry indicates a new trend! Green employment benefits for their employees.

In a article, Dawn Dzurilla of Gaia Human Capital Consultants wrote that renewable energy companies are adding green benefits to their employment packages to align the company’s stated values with their company culture and to attract talent from traditional industries to the renewable energy industry. Each benefit allows employees to become more sustainable in their personal actions, a benefit that is likely to be quite meaningful to those applying for and landing jobs in the renewable energy sector.

Green employment benefits tend to fall into five categories: work related, transportation, residential, personal/well being, and financial.

Work Related: Changes in the workplace that are aligned with sustainability, such as natural light buildings and space efficient offices can increase employee productivity and satisfaction. At least one company hosts a fairly elaborate Earth Day celebrations that include education, healthy food, and a local hike.

Transportation: These benefits range from mass transit subsidies, to free bicycles, to cash prizes for taking alternative transportation to work. Some companies are even offering a $1000 toward the purchase of a Prius, with the $1000 stipend continuing each year for as long as the employee owns the car!

Residential: Some companies are offering employees stipends toward the purchase of CFLs, energy-efficient windows, solar panels, wood-pellet furnace, or wind turbine.

Personal/Well Being: Personal values of stewardship, sustainability, and personal health are valued by giving employees the opportunity to use time during the day to workout, take time off to participate in marathons, or volunteer for earth-friendly causes.

Financial: An example of this benefit is giving employees access to Socially Responsible Investments in their retirement plan and 401(k) options.

Wondering which companies are offering these benefits? Check out Green Mountain Energy, NRG Systems, Xcel Energy, KACO Solar, Gaiam, altPower.

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