You Pledge… She Rides the Hills of San Francisco (PPB #5)

The Hayes Street Hill
The Hayes Street Hill

Beth Terry is the founder of plastics-free blog Fake Plastic Fish. She’s doing more than just contributing a post to the blogathon… she’s offered a deal to her readers:

You pledge. I ride. Yeah, I know it’s only 7 miles and people do it all the time, but not me. I’m used to the flat streets of Oakland/Berkeley where I tool around shopping and running errands. The hills of San Francisco are another matter altogether. So, for every Fake Plastic Fish reader who leaves a comment here saying that they pledged to the Blogathon, I will ride my bike half a mile in support of the cause. I’ll even ride (read: walk) my bike up the Hayes Street Hill! For real.

If you’ve spent any time on San Francisco’s hills, you know that this represents real commitment… so if you’re a reader of Fake Plastic Fish, and make a pledge to donate, let Beth know… and we’ll make sure we get any pictures to share with you here.

Image credit: / CC BY 2.0

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  • pretty sure i have that exact same photo…except the people in it are wearing much less clothing (oh bay to breakers)