Green Business Blog Carnival #12

Green Business Blog Carnival #12 at Green Building Elements


Another week, another Green Business Blog Carnival. Our friends at Green Building Elements did a very nice job of wrapping up the news you can use from the green business blogosphere

Quite a variety of stories this week…

from the business of sustainable wine making (and whether it actually results in better wine), to US energy flows, to some green businesses you’ve never heard of (yet)…

And my favorite post this week? You may argue that it’s not strictly business-related, but Jonathan Mariano’s guest post at Triplepundit asking if we need a green Tea Party definitely has business ramifications. Mariano argues that a “fiscally conservative, socially liberal, and ecologically conscious” version of the Tea Party could address issues not raised by the current crop of conservative and libertarian activists… in a manner that aligns with a focus on limited government intrusion into the market.

The Carnival will be back here at sustainablog this coming Friday, and we’d love to consider posts from your blog for inclusion. Send them to us through the submission form at Triplepundit, and we’ll be happy to take a look. If you’re interested in hosting the Carnival, we’d love to hear from you… check the schedule, pick an open date, and let us know…

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