Celebrate Thanksgiving With Local Foods Recipes

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Local foods play a big role in my life. I’m dedicated to eating as locally as possibly, and growing as much of my own food as I reasonably can. When there are foods I need to buy, I try to make sure they are organic and seasonal.

And to celebrate my love of food, especially local foods, I have decided to make our Thanksgiving celebration at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage more intentionally devoted to local foods. What better way to celebrate local foods than during this annual day of feasting?

I’m not gonna try to hide it — food is totally central for me during Thanksgiving (and, really, most celebrations.) Of course, good company is crucial, too. Anyway, it feels very important to me that my Thanksgiving celebration be unique to where I live, and not mimic the conventional tradition of needing to have specific foods present.

Create a Local Foods Thanksgiving Menu

You can’t grow cranberries in northeast Missouri, for example, so why do I need to have them at the meal? We DO grow blueberries, strawberries, currants, blackberries, and a wealth of other local berries. Why not substitute the typical cranberry sauce for a local analogue of delicious, preserved, local, homegrown berries?

Although, on the other hand… I grow my own potatoes and make butter from local dairy, so, thankfully, I can make delicious mashed potatoes and have some of those classic Thanksgiving side dishes, too.

You can make your Thanksgiving more personal, and more meaningful by celebrating the meal with a local foods theme.

What grows in your region? Try researching local foods recipes in your area and celebrating these foods, and the people that grow them during your own unique, personal Thanksgiving celebration!

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