Another Option for Recycling Old Eyeglasses: Donation (Infographic)

On Monday, we took a look at one option for recycling old eyeglasses: using them as a crafting material. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but as a reader pointed out, you can also donate them to organizations like the Lions’ Club. So, when a representative of Mezzmer pointed me to this infographic that spells out the need for glasses around the world, I took it as a sign… If you’ve got glasses in good working order, donation is the best option; if your frames are broken or otherwise unusable as glasses, upcycle away!

Read through, and take a look particularly at the potential for self-adjusting glasses: these strike me as having real potential to not only serve the vision needs of many around the globe, but to also cut back on the resources that go into new glasses for changed prescriptions.

Of course, we’re always interested to know what you think.

Image credit: Mezzmer

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    This is a great infographic! Thanks so much for sharing and demonstrating the need for donated glasses and better eyecare around the world!