Five Weird Sources of Energy [Infographic]

It doesn’t seem like it was that long ago when you could count off every potential source of energy, whether conventional, renewable, or really experimental, on both hands. That last category has really taken off, though, and everything from energy produced by moving kids to biofuels from odd sources is under consideration. Many of these unusual energy sources will never make it to commercial production, but they’re useful in terms of pushing us to think creatively on this front.

So, you may never see any of the energy sources below available outside the laboratory… but, in each case, they direct us to sources of energy that we may well be able to harvest at a commercially viable scale one day. And they’re just fun to consider…

Know of experiments with other odd energy sources? Let us know about them in the comments. If you need a bigger version of the graphic, just click on it…

weird energy sources infographic

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