What Do You Get when You Cross Intentional Community with Internet Business?

nathan brown with a scythe

For several years, I’ve been able to answer that one with one name: Nathan Mackenzie Brown. A (relatively) long-time resident at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Nathan reached out to me a number of years ago about collaborating, and has served as an on-again/off-again mentor for me on the internet business front.

I know I’m not the only person impressed with Nathan’s ability to both wield a scythe and optimize a web site for the search engines, so I wasn’t surprised to see that Everett Sizemore (who’s also contributed to us) had published a very thorough profile of Nathan on his Living a Simple Life site. If you want to get a sense of how to shape your own life around your values – without starving or going broke – Nathan’s quite a model.

Know of other people making the most out of voluntary simplicity? Share their stories with us… we’re always intrigued!

Image credit: Living a Simple Life

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  • Thanks for sharing this Jeff! I’ll be checking back on the comments to see if anyone nominates someone else to be profiled for the series. 😀

  • Great stuff and sounds like Nathan is a pretty inspiring person to know! I’ll also be checking back to see any potential nominations! Always look seeing inspirational people!

  • ” So, a martial art is a military art. Other things may also be important to you like parking, and facilities ‘ write them down. There has been a lot of concern with the increasingly ‘Internet addicted’ youth of the world, be they Chinese who died after playing too much World Of Warcraft or your average teen, surfing the web for hours each day after getting back from school.