How to Upcycle a Van into a Tiny Mobile Home

While I enjoy my current life, I freely admit that I sometimes fantasize about living a more itinerant lifestyle: the idea of roaming the country in the spirit of Travels with Charley or Blue Highways really appeals to me.  That includes traveling in a vehicle in which I could also live.

Now, the traditional mobile home strikes me as a really expensive gas hog… not exactly the kind of vehicle I’d want to base this new lifestyle upon. An older cargo van could work – it would certainly be cheaper and more fuel efficient – but who wants to live in a metal box? As Jo Borras at sister site Insteading shows us, though, there is something in between: the DIY makeover of a cargo/panel van into a small mobile home.

Jo focused on one video of this “upcycling” project (at the very bottom of the post below), but creator RickVanMan on Youtube has quite a few more that show the details of steps within the process. What you end with isn’t fancy, but it sure looks  liveable… at least to my wandering alter ego.

Have you upcycled a van into a mobile living space? What were the biggest challenges? Share your other other thoughts with us…

DIY Prepper Project: Build Your Own Motorhome (w/ video) (via Insteading)

One of the topics that regularly comes up on the prepper/post-collapse pages I frequent is the bug out vehicle. Almost no other topic brings up more diverse and “energetic” opinions than what the best bug out car, truck, or SUV really is. One thing…

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