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How to Reuse Candle Wax: Make More Candles…

I don’t know how concerned we should be about the waste of candle wax. I know much of it comes from petrochemicals (though certainly not all of it – soy and beeswax are also popular), but I’m still guessing we don’t need to move this material high up the priority list. Still, waste is waste… and if you can prevent some of it, why not?

So, I was intrigued by this find by sister site Planetsave: the Rekindle Candle. Apparently, the concept has swept the web: designer Benjamin Shine is already talking “with several reputable brands” about developing this idea into a product. Check it out below.

What do you think? Would you buy one of these to make use of your “waste” candle wax? Let us know what you think…

This Little Candleholder Reincarnates Your Candle Almost Infinitely… Well, Sort of (via Planetsave)

This is pretty cool — the opposite of planned obsolescence, this little candleholder pictured above turns your old, burning candle into a new one ready to be burned. I think you get the idea from the pictures, but in case not: The candle burns, melts…

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