Toronto Brewery “Reuses” Classic Cars, Runs on Clean Energy

Great craft beers combined with clean energy? We’re so there… the only thing I like better than a beer brewed on-site is one brewed on site with renewable energy. So, when I saw that sister site Gas 2.o had a post on Toronto brewery Steam Whistle Brewing and its use of green power, I immediately thought “Hmmmm… I should check this out!”

But Gas 2.0’s a car blog, right? Yes… and new writer Zachary Coffey didn’t go outside of those parameters. In addition to using wind and micro-hydro power, Steam Whistle also features a fleet of vintage vehicles for home deliveries of its beer… including “Retro Electro,” a ’58 Apache pick-up that’s (as you might have guessed) powered by electricity.

I don’t want give away too much, though… Zachary’s full post is below. If you’ve been to Steam Whistle Brewing, or know of another brewer “reusing” vintage cars in its business, do share…

Steam Whistle Brewing Combines Classic Cars and Clean Energy (via Gas 2.0)

What do Canadian craft brews, classic American cars, and green energy have in common? Steam Whistle Brewing, a Toronto, Canada-based craft brewery that is an exemplary model of the green revolution infiltrating the brewing industry, combining out love…

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