The DIY Solar Electric Car

Building your own car is kind of the ultimate gearhead DIY project… assuming you live in the developed world. If you don’t, it may well be the only option for owning a car of any kind. I don’t know if that’s exactly what drove Nigerian student Segun Oyeyiola to build a solar electric vehicle out of an old VW Bug, but I do know that it’s a pretty impressive feat… even if, as Gas 2.0 writer Jo Borras notes below, the care doesn’t travel very far.

Know of other mechanical upcycling projects along these lines? Solarized motorcycles? Pick-up trucks? Share them with us in the comments…

Student in Nigeria Builds Solar Electric VW (via Gas 2.0)

Segun Oyeyiola’s parents were always telling him, “you better find something better to do. Your siblings have completed their first degrees and rather than you do some stupid things.” Those “stupid things”, in Segun’s case, included building…

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