Tinted Window Inserts: a More Economical Alternative to Energy Saving Windows

For years, I’ve heard old friend Lloyd Alter from Treehugger argue against replacing old windows with more energy-efficient models simply for that energy efficiency: the cost just doesn’t justify it. I found out more about those costs last year when my overly-exuberant dog broke one of the windows on the front of the house… and because of historical district regulations in our neighborhood, we had to replace all the windows on the front of the house. Since we were doing it anyway (and our house is a drafty old 110 years old), we did choose energy saving windows… and, wow, they are pricey. I always believed Lloyd… I just know for a fact now that we’ll never recapture that cost in energy savings.

Other choices for home energy efficiency may make more sense than new windows. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to make your existing windows work better with your energy budget. Our sister site Ecopreneurist took a look at Indow Windows’ new Shade Green tinted inserts. While I don’t know the exact price of these (and I’m guessing that may vary depending on your needs), I’d imagine they’re significantly cheaper than new windows… perhaps enough to save you some money over the long term.

Have you used a product like this? What kind of impact did it have on your utility bills? Share your experience with us…

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