How to Make a Terrarium from an Old Soda Bottle

Want to add some decorative items to your home that really grab visitors’ attention and get them talking? Or the kids already complaining about how bored they are on summer vacation? For either of these cases, this cool DIY project from sister site Crafting a Green World fits the bill: how to make a terrarium from a two-liter soda bottle.

Crunchy Scott’s particulars turn this into a great teaching tool: he focuses on tropical plants to create a “mini rainforest,” and even adds a plastic tiger to represent wildlife from these ecosystems. A project like this along with a bit of information about what’s happening to rainforests could have your kids bugging you for rides to the library… and turn them from bored vacationers to summertime activists!

Maybe that’s a bit much to hope for, but you’ll definitely have a conversation piece when this is done. If you’ve turned old soda bottles into terrariums before, share your experience with us.

Terrarium DIY: Turn an Old Soda Bottle into a Miniature Rainforest! (via

by Scott Meeks (aka Crunchy Scott) This awesome, upcycled twist on the classic terrarium DIY is a miniature rainforest in a bottle! School is almost out! That means swimming pools, red-stained popsicle lips and later-than-usual bedtimes are all in store…

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