Salvage Yard Upcycling: Mashing Up a Suzuki Samurai & a Dune Buggy

When we use the word “upcycling,” we’re generally discussing creative reuse of materials that might otherwise go into your trash can or recycling bin. Occasionally, we might refer to repurposing of industrial materials. But I’m pretty sure we’ve never discussed upcycling materials you might find at a salvage yard.

Our sister site Gas 2.o, however, recently published a great example of car repurposing: a mashing up of a Suzuki Samurai and a dune buggy body. Take a look at the description and the pictures below, and then let us know if you’ve ever done anything similar… or if this inspires you to head to junkyard…

Recycled Hawtness: Suzuki Samauri Repurposed As Dune Buggy (via Gas 2.0)

What would you do if you had a beat up old Suzuki Samurai and a discarded dune buggy body laying around? Why naturally, you would smoosh them together and make a really cool car in the Myers Manx tradition. The result is a match made in heaven, one…

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