About Sustainablog

Sustainablog started in July, 2003, as an experiment in “writing to learn”.

Author Jeff McIntire-Strasburg, then an assistant professor of English, decided to apply some of the concepts he preached to his students to his budding interest in sustainability. The rest, as they say, is history: sustainablog is now one of the longest-running green blogs on the web.

In October, 2014, sustainablog concentrated its focus on waste issues: reducing it, reusing, recycling, or upcycling it.

Press & Coverage:

sustainablog has received mentions in The New York Times, The Guardian, Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post, Kickstarter, Wired, Energy.gov, Lifehacker, Ars Technica, Buzzfeed, Today.com, San Francisco Chronicle, Review of Policy Research, and thousands of other top news and academic publications over the almost two decades since it was founded.

Current Publishing Status:

At the moment we are not publishing new stories. We’re keeping Sustainablog live into the future as a reference point, but we may return to publishing in the future.

  1. David Beagin


    Due to the new Google Panda release, some websites who use “unnatural linking strategies” have been penalized. I have been asked by my company to have links to maxwellsystems.com removed from places on the web that have little to do with the company business, which is developing construction software.

    I am sory to have to ask you to do this, I know it is a pain, but can you plase remove the link to http://www.maxwellsystems.com from your website. In this case it is on this page: https://sustainablog.org/2012/12/cardboard-bike/ in the anchor text “contractor software”.

    I would really appreciate your assistance. In doing so, perhaps your site will be resistant to the new Google Panda update that penalizes sites.

    Thank you.

    David Beagin

    Maxwell Systems is now Viewpoint

  2. Kamiel Choi

    Dear Jeff, editor of sustainablog,

    I’m a concerned blogger myself and would love to contribute to this site.
    What could I offer? I live in Portugal and am well-connected in Europe (Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris nexus) meaning I could write about sustainable projects going on in these cities that are of interest for the rest of humanity.
    I honestly admit that I am also a family father without a job and without a garden – meaning I need money to feed my child. However, writing for your blog would be my honor and could serve as a reference to increase my “net worth” (I hate to think in those terms, but feel forced to).

    On my blog creativechoice.org you’ll find some of my writing.

    Best regards

    Kamiel Choi

  3. Sassie Bassie

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I made a 1min film about aquaponics. In this film we see Els, who works at an experimental aquaponics farm in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She hopes that food can be grown locally in the city in a very environmental friendly way. With this film I want to make people aware of aquaponics as a sustainable farming method, and explain in a short way what it is about. The film has been shortlisted for WaterAid and WorldView’s first global sH2Orts film competition. I am in the running of winning the Public Choice award and need the most views to be getting this prize. I see this as a great opportunity to raise awareness for this method of sustainable food growing. I would really appreciate it if you could support this film by putting it on your blog and sharing it with your followers. Here is a link to my film: https://vimeo.com/120583072

    Many thanks,


    1. Don

      Saskia…I realize the “contest” is over but I would like a link to your video for my web/blog site. Sorry, all I see here is the video. Thanks

  4. Precarious Alliance

    Hi, Jeff: This is Michael Stamps at Delaware Valley University. (Hopefully you remember me from UNLV in the late 90s!) Anyhow, we are organizing our sustainability symposium at DVU, and I was hoping you might want to be involved. Check out our webpage (www.precariousalliance.org), and shoot me an email when you get the chance ([email protected]). Best, Michael

  5. Don

    Jeff: My daughter-in-law is from Germany. Where she is from they are mandated to recycle. They have 4 to 5 different bins that they sort everything into; the last being strictly garbage. Could it be that if we look outside of “ourselves” – the U.S.A. – that we just might learn a thing or two? Freedom comes with restrictions. It is about time we consider making recycling mandatory along with at-home-sorting of the waste. See my comments on your article about Robot sorters to see one alternative for cost savings…both to the Recycler and to the government. Forgive me if you have already posted about other countries’ recycling programs.

  6. alenka_kisslotka

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    I would like to advertise on your website sustainablog.org by posting a single link on the homepage or an article with two links in news, blog or forum section.
    Guest post (article) can be made by your writers on any topic, or can be made by ours.
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    If you want to make a counteroffer – feel free to contact me.
    Please inform me how much you want for such advertisement and if you have more than one website for such ads.

    [email protected]



    “PLASTIC” my first live performance that took place Urbanica Hotels for the Art Basel event “OPULENCE” in Miami. This piece was originally was created to raise awareness for our global issue of plastic pollution, in our seas. As I began to collect plastic, I quickly realized how daunting this task would be due to the non existent recycling policy of Miami. I found my self digging through dumpsters, public trash bins and off the local streets and beaches of Miami, collecting over ten hefty size trash bags of material within a three day period, in order to create an impactful experience. Hoping this piece would change at least one persons mind on the overuse of plastic materials. The poem I am reading was created by Chase Wiggins, titled “Industrial Incentives.”

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