16-Year-Old’s Mission To Stop Water Bottle Pollution

water bottle pollution

water bottle pollution

Most 16-year-olds today are trying to figure out how to get their grades up or how they can impress their crush. For 16-year-old Ben DeBlois, though, stopping water bottle pollution is the top priority.

The budding environmentalist and eco-entrepreneur, who is completing his junior year at his high-school, uses his free time outside class to focus on his eco-friendly business Pinecone Products.*

β€œI want to make a difference in the world,” Ben said. β€œI thought starting a company would allow me to have the most impact.”

β€œI know that I can accomplish a lot on my own, but with a company I can empower other people to make a difference and we can help the environment together. I think we each have a social responsibility to help the planet, and if I can make it easier for people to help, I believe it will contribute to change on a bigger scale.”

Ben became interested in environmentalism at the worldly age of ten, competing in his regional science fair in the environmental science category, and pocketing a cool $75 for his efforts – an impressive wad of money for a ten-year-old.

Ever since, Ben has wanted to create sustainable solutions to environmental problems. Now, six years later, his passion led to the creation of Pinecone Products.

The inspiration for the company came when Ben noticed the increasingly concerning issue of water bottle pollution.

“Americans throw away 35 billion plastic water bottles every year”(Source:Brita)

ben deblois
Pinecone Products Founder Ben DeBlois

His recently launched company is tailored to people who are concerned about the quality of their water and the environment.

His first product is a portable water purifier – available from his website and on Amazon – which saves 2000 water bottles with each of its replaceable filters. It uses 2 filters and they both last approximately 7 months.

As well as the support of friends and family, Pinecone Products already has a dedicated following on social media of everyday environmentalists.

Ben is calling not just his generation who are America’s future, but on members of all generations.

β€œTogether we can stop water bottle pollution and make a difference in the world,” he said.

Ben has a range of eco-friendly products set for launch in 2015.

For more information, visit www.pineconeproducts.com.

*This post was generously sponsored by Pincone Products

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