2008 Commemorative Coins Celebrate The Recovery of Bald Eagle to American Skies

The U.S. Mint is helping to bring America’s favorite bird back to its native skies!

Once abundant throughout American territories, the Bald Eagle has been negatively impacted by poaching, habitat destruction, pesticides and food source contamination. Its population has dropped from approximately 100,000 nesting pairs at the nation’s founding to just over 400 nesting pairs in the early 1960’s.

The Bald Eagle, nearing the brink of extinction just 35 years ago, has made remarkable progress and is still expanding its presence throughout our nation’s lands and skies. Public Law 108-486, signed by President George W. Bush on December 23, 2004, called for the United States Mint to mint and issue three commemorative coins that celebrate the encouraging recovery of the Bald Eagle species and the removal of the Bald Eagle from the Endangered Species List.

Three Commemorative Bald Eagle Coins

The non-profit American Eagle Foundation announced today that United States Mint’s 2008 Bald Eagle Commemorative Coins are selling very well, and have already raised over $6 million dollars for the future protection of Bald Eagles. Three legal tender coins in gold, silver & clad (copper-nickel), all celebrate the successful recovery of the Bald Eagle to America’s skies and the upcoming 35th Anniversary of the Endangered Species Act on December 28th.

The coins are all part of a limited edition series that is being offered now but none of them are expected to be offered for sale after December 12, 2008. If every coin in the series sells out by that deadline, over $10 million would be raised for the eagle preservation fund.

An Environmentally & Economically Sound Investment Given The Rising Price of Gold

The price of gold has risen drastically given the recent financial crisis. The coin purchase prices are $319.95 for proof gold ($309.95 uncirculated), $43.95 for proof silver ($37.95 uncirculated) and $10.95 for proof clad ($8.95 uncirculated).

This is an ideal time to diversify and buy gold and silver, since the stock market is so volatile,” says Al Cecere, President of the American Eagle Foundation. “Traditionally, precious metals have been a relatively secure alternative investment.

You might want to consider buying a coin for your Christmas present before the December deadline. Make your contribution to conservation and patriotism too! Photo Credit: www.eagles.org

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  1. Bald Eagle Coins

    While I am definitely a fan of this commemorative coin series, I don’t agree with the idea that buying these coins is a good way to invest in gold. The gold coins contain less than 1/4 ounce of gold, giving the coins a high premium above precious metal content value.

    Buy the coins as a collectible or a gift, but if you want to buy gold, go for bullion coins instead.

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