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Wayne Senville, editor of Planning Commissioners Journal, would like to receive comments from Sustainablog readers on a draft article dealing with energy conservation. If you’d like to read the article and comment, please email Wayne at [email protected].

I found the article very informative — the opening sequence of statistics amply demonstrates the wasteful reality of American energy consumption. The case studies of various cities and their programs to deal with energy were enlightening and inspiring. As the author discusses sprawl early on, and even contrasts the costs of “greenfield” development vs. “brownfield” remediation, I’d love to see more details on urban redevelopment. I fear that many in the planning community are moving towards a mindset where they immediately translate “New Urbanism” as new development (I suppose, by definition, it is) rather than restoration of older urban areas.

Hope that’s not too convoluted — I did enjoy the article!

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