3 iPhone Apps For Indoor Gardening

I am a great lover of gardening and have been since I was a child. Not only are the results satisfying, but it is a great way to get in physical exercise. The problem is when you don’t have a garden to work in, which is a common problem for people who live in urban areas. Especially in apartment buildings that don’t supply patches of earth for their residents.

But it is still possible to enjoy gardening. Indoor gardens are easy to make and maintain, with a large number of plants thriving with only limited sunlight. There are three great apps for helping you do this. First, however, here are some tips:

3 iPhone Apps For In-Door Gardening

Try spritzing instead of watering

It is easy to drown a plant, which is just as bad for them as letting them dry out. When plants are outside, they tend to be in enough soil and with enough sun to properly distribute water even in heavy rains. To make sure you are properly hydrating your plant indoors, use a spray bottle with room temperature water. Your soil should be just damp, such as you would find from a light drizzle.

Craft a window box

If you have a window with a free sill, it is a great way to get sunlight for your plants. A wire hanger cut and twisted into a holder for your pots works, or you can buy an actual window planter to put your plants into. This also saves space.

Give all sides proper light

If you have ever had a planet droop to one side, this was probably the problem. It will always bend towards a light source, whether it is natural or unnatural. Try occasionally rotating the pot to allow light to fall evenly. This will keep it growing straight.

Use a good fertilizer

Just because your plant is indoors doesn’t mean you should neglect to properly fertilize the soil. This can be done with a store bought fertilizer or with natural enhancers like coffee grounds or compost.

Make sure your pots have holes

Many pots come with holes in the bottom, along with a small tray for catching water and soil. If they don’t have this you will need to carefully create your own. Otherwise water will gather at the bottom and both drown the planet and possibly breed harmful bacteria in the water that can kill the plant.

The Apps

1. Vital Almanac

Vital Almanac

You need to know a number of details before taking on a plant, whether it is indoors or outdoors. The phase of the moon, the season, the temperature…there is plenty to keep in mind. Eventually, a lot of it will become second nature and you will be able to keep track. But until then, use this app to work it out. It even has videos and tricks for you to use. Everyone that I have heard from that used this loved it.

2. GH Nutrient Calculator

GH Nutrient Calculator

Are you using hydroponics for growth? This is the perfect app for you. It will help you calculate the necessary nutrients for different plants for different growth stages. It has different categories like Nova, Flora, Tomato and Basil. Each one has its own specific hydroponic information.

3. Botany Buddy

Botany Buddy

Learn about different plants, their habits, their care, their uses and more with this excellent guide from AVAI Ventures. It is easy to use, has a great interface and a ton of accurate information. It might not be what is needed for the more professional botanist, for but beginner to intermediate growers it will be just the thing.

Do you know of any good apps for indoor gardening? Let us know in the comments!

Also, check out these lists of popular apps for more ideas:

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