Happy Thanksgiving!

So I’m not particularly thankful that IE just ate this post, forcing me to rewrite. I am, however, very thankful for Mozilla Firefox, which I’m moving to almost exclusively at this point… I’m also thankful that my wife is such an organizational whiz that I can still do my share of today’s kitchen duties and still get a few moments for blogging. Of course, I’m thankful that you’re here reading this… To my fellow citizens, hope you’re having a restful, enjoyable Thanksgiving day. To folks from other countries — thanks for stopping by!

Since my time is limited, thought I’d follow Ryan’s lead over at The Higher Pie and get one good “catch-all” post out today on what’s happening around the sustainable blogosphere. Great piece at the Ergosphere on oil dependence — I’ll definitely keep this one bookmarked for the brilliant research. Thanks to Enviropundit for pointing it out. WorldChanging, as always, has many interesting items, particularly a link to The Rough Guide for a Better World. “Go Organic!” notes that the organic food and beverage industry has reasons to be thankful. Network-Centric Advocacy has a review of a post entitled “Undoing the Industrial Revolution” from Jakob Nielsen’s “Alertbox.” Dave Pollock’s “How to Save the World” muses on the “red vs. blue” notions of “national strength,” and considers the implications of these ideas on sustainable development. Treehugger has several interesting posts, including a brief homage to William McDonaugh (co-author of Cradle to Cradle) , and news on the “Sustainable Condo” traveling exhibit. Gristmill reminds us that tomorrow is “Buy Nothing Day.” And AmericaBlog gives us yet another reason to protect dolphins from fishing nets.

Certainly I’ve missed a lot, so I’m also thankful for Bloglines, which helps me keep up-to-date on the blogosphere, sustainable or otherwise. If you’re interested, here’s my current blogroll with BL.

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