4 US Meetups Bringing American Gardeners Together

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Gardening is a unique experience, especially when the gardener in question is particularly fond of their hobby, providing us with a prime opportunity for letting the outside world temporarily vanish while we connect with the Earth’s soil and the life that it harbors. Almost meditative by nature, the only downside of gardening may be its solitary nature, often segregating us even as we live among millions of other growing enthusiasts.

There’s no need to be alone with your veggies and flowers any longer! Share the latest gardening tips, tricks, and stories at these four US meetups connecting American gardeners together:

1. Growing Organic Foods and Medicinal Herbs

Growing Organic Foods and Medicinal Herbs

In a world increasingly infused with goods from unknown sources, genetically modified products, and so many pharmaceuticals that you can’t keep track of them all, more and more people are turning to their backyard gardens for a little reprieve from the madness. From fresh foods to herbs with surprising healing powers, making an effort to put your hand to the production of the things you need most is a fantastic way to better know what you’re putting in your body, besides offering all of the same positive mental and physical benefits as any other form of gardening.

If you’re a gardener with a particular interest in growing plants that come in handy around the home, consider checking out the Growing Organic Foods and Medicinal Herbs meetups in Miami. Besides learning about the latest techniques, you’ll also make like-minded friends; with more than 50 regular attendees, there is always a wide range of personalities to connect with!

When and Where: This group meets up on a regular basis in and around Miami, Florida – if you’re a road warrior only stopping by temporarily, check out Miamihotels.org for great rates and stay long enough to check out at a few sessions!

2. Seattle Permaculture Guild Meetup

Seattle Permaculture Guild Meetup

If you garden in order to make your own habits more sustainable, meeting up with other permaculture enthusiasts is a great way to meet new people and become a better gardener. Each meetup of the Seattle Permaculture Guild focuses on a different topic, but the easy-going atmosphere encourages impromptu learning sessions and tons of socializing, making it a perfect place for an otherwise solitary gardener.

When and Where: A popular group, the Seattle Permaculture Guild meetup group is well-known for planning ahead and staying active around Seattle, Washington all year around.

3. Atlanta Organic Gardening and More

Atlanta Organic Gardening and More

Being an organic gardener in the southern United States is a unique endeavor, requiring that you be familiar with the many particulars of a warmer, drier climate, and hooking up with the Atlanta Organic Gardening and More meetup group is the perfect way to indulge in conversation surrounding each and every one of them.

Meet and greet other local gardening enthusiasts, learning about topics relating to hands-on growing, backyard permaculture, getting the most out of local markets as both a buyer and a seller, and much more, all with only an event or two each month!

When and Where: With meetups taking place at locations around Atlanta, this group will ensure that you’ll get to make your way around the city’s various greenhouses, coffee shops, and, of course, gardens.

4. Boston Sustainable Food Meetup

Boston Sustainable Food Meetup

If you’re a hardcore gardener, chances are that at least some of your motivation comes from the idea that you can eventually claim the ability to feed yourself and your family semi-exclusively from your own land, even if the idea remains in theory only. In any case, whether your garden focuses on beauty or bounty, you’d do well to hook up with the like-minded gardeners with the Boston Sustainable Food Meetup group.

The events hosted by this group generally run twice each month, always focusing on some aspect of growing and eating foods that are both good for you and easy on the Earth, leaving you with new knowledge and increased inspiration with every moment spent mingling and learning.

When and Where: The Boston Sustainable Food Meetup group gets together about twice each month around the city of Boston, with each locale planned well in advance in order to allow you to more easily make plans to attend!

Know of other active gardening meetups? Let us know about them in the comments.

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