The 8 Best Cycling Cities in the US [Infographic]

I love my adopted home town of St. Louis, but I must admit: I thought bicycle culture wouldn’t necessarily take off here (except among the hardcore). I was wrong: we’ve now got miles and miles of bike lanes, and a Downtown Bicycle Center for the urban commuter. Most buses have bike racks on the front. All of this is good news not just for us, but for the rest of the country: even with all of these recent improvements, we didn’t make the list of best cycling cities.

Yep… there are a number of cities around the US doing really innovative work on incorporating bicycles into the traffic patterns and transportation infrastructure. Developments like green lanes are still relatively rare, but these cities are going well beyond slapping down a line of paint and calling it a bike lane. These cities recognize that incorporating bikes into traffic planning makes sense both for the overall environment and livability of cities, andΒ for their local budgets.

So, which cities are the best of the best in terms of cycling? Take a look at this infographic from SpareFoot, and then let us know what you think of their choices.

Need a larger version of this infographic? Click here… or click on the graphic itself for a cool interactive version!

best cycling cities in the us


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