A Couple from Across the Pond

Thanks for these, Doug — and it looks like your publishing access is working…

On the offshore wind farms — I read a piece the other day about trouble bubbling up over a similar plan in Nantucket Sound — apparently the limousine liberals in Martha’s Vineyard, etc., don’t want to alter the view at all, even if it would be minimal (their arguments regarding harming the fish populations didn’t hold up). I was surprised at the names of some of the folks against this proposal — Walter Cronkite, Bobby Kennedy, Jr., … Cronkite even admitted that it was probably a good case of NIMBY (not in my back yard). I guess we’ve not only got to look at the method of power generation, but also the assumption that only poor folks should have view of the generators… I’ll put the piece up if I find it.

“Wind Farms Go to Sea in Huge Boost for Green Power”

“New Road Plan ‘Will Harm Environment”

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