A Bike with a Reputation (PPB #30)

The "mutt bike"
The "mutt bike"

That’s how Karen Hanrahan, of Best of Mother Earth, describes her son’s bike… she also labels it a “mutt.” What’s up with the bike?

He picked up this rusted to heck green ten speed Schwinn, for $60 at Working Bikes Co-op.

Someone had converted it to an 8 speed. Already that’s a tad odd.

He switched it out to fa ixed gear, added an aerospoke so that he’d never have to true a wheel again. Well at least that wheel !!

Recently the bike got a new seat.

Yep, that’s a mutt… kind of like our pedal generator!

We’re on the downhill side of the blogathon… just a bit over five hours to go. The folks at Dancing Rabbit would be grateful for any donation you can make to support their residential outreach and educational programming.

Image credit: Karen Hanrahan

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