A Biodiesel Bonanza

Great article from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on all things biodiesel: the potential impact in the Pacific Northwest as well as the national and international forecast. And it’s great to see business owners, like Albert Postema, president of The Maltby Co., discussing the role of private enterprises in environmental initiatives:

“We feel that businesses can do a large leadership role in sustainability,” Postema said. “And if an excavation company can do that, the sky’s the limit.” And they just bought a small processor to make their own and plan to create a co-op, Barter Biodiesel, in which people bring in waste grease and get back biodiesel. So far, 65 people have signed up.

I’d love to hear responses from folks who think the promise of biodiesel and other biofuels is overblown — let’s get the debate going! From MSNBC via ClimateArk.

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