A Desktop for a Difference: WorldCoolers

We’ve seen lots of efforts to spread the facts about the climate crisis this year, particularly the films An Inconvenient Truth and The Great Warming. Tech start-up Collactive is taking a bit of a different approach: their new WorldCoolers desktop application is designed to drive both action and interaction around the issue of of the changing climate:

WorldCoolers is an online grassroots initiative whose goal is to raise public awareness to climate change. We are working to spread the word, spark fruitful discussions and bring this critical issue to the attention of policymakers and the media. We are looking to bring the work of existing on-going campaigns to online communities and the general public.

WorldCoolers believes that by tapping in to the power of the Internet we can make a difference both on the personal level and on the global one.

With the application installed, a user can easily alert other members of the WorldCoolers community about important news and developments on climate change. The idea is coordinate action: think of the right wing media machine brought to individual desktops.

I haven’t tried it out yet — feeling a bit too in demand as it — but I’ve got a feeling curiosity will get the best of me. Anyone else played with WorldCoolers? Do share… it sounds like a great tool!

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