A Different Kind of Radioactive Waste

From Britain’s News & Star, an article on a different form of radioactive waste, and the storage issues associated with it:

HUNDREDS of radioactive gulls are being stored in an industrial freezer at Cumbria’s Sellafield nuclear plant, it has been revealed.

The birds are being stored at the site after BNFL managers employed sharpshooters to kill any seagulls or pigeons which landed at the power plant, according to The Independent on Sunday.

The practice was introduced more than a decade ago over fears that any birds which landed at Sellafield would then fly on, potentially carry hazardous radiation.

Traces of radiation has been found in some of the dead birds.

Those that are killed are designated low-level nuclear waste and are placed in a large industrial freezer on the site.

So, I’m interested — can radiation be spread by wildlife? If so, doesn’t this create another strike against a revival of nuclear power? I’m being deliberately provocative here — I’d love to hear what our friends from NEI have to say…

Gristmill linked to the original Independent story, which is available to subscribers or for purchase.

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