A Green Blogger Convention?

One of the cool things to come out of the first (and so far only — trying to do it on Halloween probably wasn’t a good idea) meeting of the Super Cool Eco-Entrepreneurs Club was the idea of a Green Blogger convention or conference — we’re calling it Green BloggerCon. While a number of us bounce around ideas all the time, this one seems to be gaining some traction. So, Rebecca at GreenerMiami and Ecorazzi put together a survey to find out if fellow green bloggers were interested in such an event, and, if so, what would they like to see. If you’re one of the chosen few (a green blogger, that is), give us your thoughts — the survey’s short — it’s also only open until Friday. If there’s sufficient interest, I think this will move forward — a number of people are already very committed to making it happen.

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