A Green Business Visionary in Wisconsin

From WisBusiness.com, the inspiring story of John Imes, the executive director of Wisconsin Environmental Initiative, and a man whose own brush with death has led him to become a champion of sustainable business. Imes and his wife Cathy own the Arbor House bed and breakfast, which “as won national acclaim for its eco-friendly design, use of recycled materials and energy efficiency.” Imes is also viewed locally as a talented conversation broker: according to WEI board member Don Last, “Too often, business and environmental groups talk past each other. John works to bring them together.” I’m also interested in the fact that reading Silent Spring served as a “wake-up call” for Imes, and am reminded of Ray Anderson’s claim that reading The Ecology of Commerce and Ishmael had the same effect on him. Should we simply be sending out more copies of books like these?

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