A Low-Priced Mover Isn’t Always A Great Deal



Do you remember your last move? How many of your possessions were broken, torn, or otherwise ruined? That not only costs you the time necessary to secure reimbursement from your movers, but also represents a waste of perfectly good material… and the resources that went into their production. Hiring a professional, reputable moving company keeps your possessions in your home, and out of the landfill.

How To Avoid Costly Long Distance Moving Problems

Every single year there are close to 10,000 complaints that are filed against moving companies. Unfortunately, there are so many firms out there that simply use a website in order to offer services. They are not even legitimate and take advantage of those that do not take the time needed to learn more about the firm that is hired.

All moves come with challenges and stress. That is especially true when referring to costly long distance moving. Let us stay focused on that and the most common problems that appeared in the past, according to professional VA Movers.

Remember That Some Movers Are Better Than Others

Just as with absolutely all service providers out there, there are differences between the companies you may use for long distance moving. It is really important that you research all the movers that you can before you solicit a bid. In most situations, you should get around 3 companies to look at what has to be moved and make an offer. That is especially true in the event that you cross state lines. Cost estimates and meeting with the people who will actually move furniture can give you a much better understanding of what to expect.

Online Price Quotes Are Not Accurate

In the event that a moving company tells you that the price you get online is the price that you will have to pay, you should not work with that firm. The movers have to personally see what is about to be moved. It is quite fine to start the initial dialogue with moving companies through online, phone and email options. However, especially when looking at interstate moves, movers have to visit the home. That is when the price estimate can be 100% accurate.

Avoid Classic Warnings That Appear

The movers that are really bad and that have to be avoided will be easy to avoid if you stay away from some of the really common warning signs that appear. Let us think about those that often appear with those firms that are not at all honest:

  • Movers ask for a large up-front payment or deposit
  • When you call them, the person answering does not mention the name of the company
  • Claims that are simply too good to be true
  • The truck that is used does not have a company name written on it and is a rental

Low Prices Do Not Equal Great Deals

Most of the homeowners that did complain in the past about the long distance moving process were fooled by a really low price quote that was offered. It is really important that you understand all that will be included and you need to ask as many questions as you may have. Answers should be offered in writing and not on the phone.

Remember that the reputable moving company will always highlight the services that are included in the price estimate. For instance, they will tell you if you have to pack or if they will take care of the packing process. This can create a huge discrepancy and can lead to so much time wasted. At the same time, professionals do know how to better pack everything.

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