A New Tool For Clothes Recycling: The Rag Bag [Video]

clothes recycling gets easier with the rag bag

Can you put your old clothes in your curbside recycling bin? Maybe, but probably not… that concept’s still catching on. Got a clothing recycler in your town? Again, maybe… but that may be news to you. More than likely, you either donate your old clothes to a non-profit that accepts them – Goodwill or other organizations that raise funds through thrift stores – or you toss them. Clothes recycling still has a ways to go to catch up with materials like aluminum and glass.

Swedish fashion brand Uniforms for the Dedicated hasΒ created another option: the shopping bag. Specifically, the Rag Bag, a biodegradable plastic bag that, when turned inside out, becomes a mailer. A consumer can take his/her new clothes home in the bag, and then send old clothes they no longer wear to a charitable organization of their choice. No trips to the Salvation Army, or calling for a pick-up: the postage is already paid, so the Rag Bag can be left out for mail pick-up.

Created in conjunction with advertising firm DDB Stockholm, the Rag Bag has taken off. The pilot program allowed for consumers to order bags free of charge, but the real focus is on retailers. If you sell clothes, you can express your interest in using the Rag Bag at the program’s website. I don’t know if they’re looking to go international, but the site doesn’t expressly limit inquiries to Swedish retailers.

Watch the case study video above for more details, and then let us know what you think. Would this give you just a bit more encouragement to keep your old clothes out of the trash?

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