A Qustion About Pledges for Blogging ‘Round the Clock

I received a question about the pledging process for Blogging ‘Round the Clock last night, and since I’ve given that information in a bit of piecemeal fashion, here’s the whole story:

  • Email me your pledge. I’m keeping a database of pledgers (which I’ll only use for this event — you won’t be on a mailing list) so I can thank you for your pledge when the event’s over. I also will publish a donor’s roll after Blogging ‘Round the Clock. If you’d prefer to keep your pledge/donation anonymous, let me know — I’ll certainly honor those requests.
  • You’ll make your donation directly through the Missouri Botanical Garden’s website. I’m in contact with their webmaster, who is creating a link code for the event. I’ll post that link frequently throughout the event.

Hard to believe we’re only a weekend away… I’ve been adjusting my sleep schedule to get ready — despite what some people think, I really do sleep a full night every night!

Thanks again!

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