A Slow Week…

I’m having to slow down with the blogging a bit with the new semester starting tomorrow, and foresee a very slow week. Not going away, of course — I should be back by Thursday. With my teaching schedule now firmly in place (it changed Friday night), looks like Mondays and Wednesday will be regularly slow days throughout the semester.

As always, visit our friends in the Sustainable Blogosphere. Also, thanks to my buddy Doug for passing along this H-Net review of Paul R. Josephson’s Industrialized Nature: Brute Force Technology and the Transformation of the Natural World. Warning: very academic in style. Still, the book sounds interesting in its analysis of how human notions of progress (or, at least, Western notions of progress) are at the root of environmental degradation. It’s always helpful to remember that we’re up against something more than just simple greed: the very concept of “moving forward” in the Euro-American mindset almost inevitably means conquering nature.

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