A Whole New Way to Think about “Paying with Plastic”

plastic trash

Ever collect aluminum cans, newspapers, or plastic for extra money as a kid (or as an adult)? One could argue this practice embodies the idea of sustainable economics: finding the value in materials generally considered “waste” or “trash.” One doesn’t have to look far to realize that we’re not implementing these kinds of practices (or the mindset that underlies them) nearly enough, though…

Plastic Bank is a new social enterprise that wants to establish centers in areas of the developing world that give impoverished people the chance to make use of the waste plastic in their environment. Our friends at Techdirt tracked this one down; see what they have to say about this startup:

Harvesting Waste Plastic In Emerging Economies As A Currency, To Reduce Pollution And Improve Lives (via Techdirt)

The very best solutions not only come up with a brilliant answer to an important problem, but often manage to help address other issues too. Here’s one that seems to fit that bill, pointed out to us by Izabella Kaminska. It’s called Plastic Bank, and…

Image credit: ddoTyByhpargotohP via photopin cc

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