AboutMyPlanet Launches “Go Green Revolution” Ebooks

AboutMyPlanet's Go Green Revolution ebooksTips, tips, tips, tips… everyone’s got ’em (including us). Yesterday, our friends at AboutMyPlanet.com went boldly where few of us in the green web have gone before with the publication of their Go Green Revolution ebooks. Your Life and My Office Handbook bring together a wealth of tips and practices and create (according to AMP) “an easier way for people to see how they can go green.”

I just got copies of the books yesterday, so have only had a chance to flip through them. Fortunately, they’re organized to make such flipping a useful activity: while either book could be read from cover to cover, the division of chapters in each makes it easy to find the exact information you want.Β  I particularly like the layout of Your Life, as it combines substantive sections on greening your home (inside and out) and lifestyle with short, self-explanatory tips set off in text boxes. My Office Handbook doesn’t just look at paper and energy use at work, but uses the framework of the typical workday: getting ready in the morning, traveling to work, and even eating lunch. The information I read looks solid, and I can definitely see the advantages (especially for “green newbies”) of having all of this information centralized in one place.

To celebrate the launch of the books, AboutMyPlanet is offering a special for “early adopters”: a discounted price ($19.99 vs. $29.99), and a host of other special goodies.Β  Also, AMP has partnered with our good friends at EcoLibris, and will be planting trees for each book sold (early buyers get a bonus there, too!). The special price and bonuses are limited to either the first 100 purchasers, or the first three days of sales — so, either way, it’s no longer available at the end of the day tomorrow. Whether you buy early or later, these ebooks look like they’ll provide a great resource for newbies and “treehuggers” alike… we can all use reminders!

If you decide to take advantage of this offer, let me know what you think of the books. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these kinds of offerings become more common on the green web, so thanks to AMP for giving the rest of us the push to get going…

Image credit: AboutMyPlanet.com

  1. Jessica

    Thank you Jeff for the link, I just purchased it and I’m flipping through it now.

    I’m not a very big fan of digital books but in this case it makes sense, they’re trying to help grow trees not cut them down. There is tons of information and I agree with you the layout makes it easy to read.

    I hope that my family and I actually try and put these tips into our life.

    Great job on the site BTW.

  2. Steven Earl Salmony

    Are we suffering from the illness, amnesia, that is resulting in our forgetfulness with regard to the value of the Earth and its environs? Or have we been mesmerized by a Tower of Babel? Or both?

    Perhaps we are forever forgetting about Earth and its environment because too many people, especially the economic powerbrokers, their bought-and-paid-for politicians and their minions in the mainstream media, are worshipping a “totem”. At least to me, there appear to be many too many people for whom the economy, in and of itself, is the primary object of their idolatry. This behavior is observable, obvious and flagrant. In many instances, these worshippers make what they evidently believe are rational arguments that suggest manmade financial and economic systems are somehow essential to, and an integral part of, God’s Creation; that indicate the growth of the global economy will occur from now on, even after the Creation is ravaged and its frangible climate destabilized by unbridled overproduction, unchecked overconsumption and unregulated overpopulation activities of the human species. Aside from the “Economic Colossus” nothing matters to them.

    Today, it appears that the financial system of the economic powerbrokers is collapsing like a “house of cards” and the real economy of the family of humanity is threatened. Experts in political economy are saying internally inconsistent and contradictory things. Communications about financials and the economy are generally confused and in disarray. Confidence and trust in the operating systems of finance and the global economy have been undermined by the invention of dodgy financial instruments and unsustainable business models as well as by the promulgation of con games and Ponzi schemes. Transparency, accountability and honesty in business activities have been largely vanquished. A great economic system is being undone by con artists, gamblers and cheats. In such circumstances, does the manmade colossus we call the global political economy remind you in some ways of a modern Tower of Babel?



    Steven Earl Salmony
    AWAREness Campaign on The Human Population,
    established 2001

  3. Matt D.

    I have a confession to make, I can’t read books on my computer screen. It absolutely drives me insane. And it’s weird because I spend all day working on my computer. That’s why I’m glad this book is willing to plant a tree for every book purchased. It makes me feel better about printing the whole thing out onto paper.

    By the Way,
    Steve – You scare me.

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