All Things CFL…

Many thanks to Randy Fisk for his pledge for tomorrow’s Green Blogathon, and for creating CFLBulbs.com, a very thorough resource on compact fluorescent light bulbs. And I mean very thorough — there’s even news on recalls of CFLs (thought it looks like that hasn’t happened in some time). Randy’s clearly put a lot of thought and effort into a site devoted to one of the easiest green purchases any of us can make. He’s also teamed up with Kenny Luna, whom I wrote about very recently, to help promote Kenny’s drive to give every child in the country a CFL. I’ve sent my email to the Oprah show — I hope you have, too. Thanks to both of these guys for reminding us that there are plenty of small steps we can all take to reduce our energy use and create a greener world.

PS: Still time to make your pledge, folks… We’re just over 24 hours away.

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