The American Dream is a Mirage: a Poem

Still denying
Still lying to yourself
Still crying about all the wrong things

One of these days
Something’s gonna tip
or fall
or crash
and maybe, just maybe
you’ll wake up and realize

that ice is melting
the sun is blazing
and even your feet are colder in the winter

That things aren’t
just gonna “bounce back”
and your friends are still looking
for a bit of work

and even the ones that are with work
aren’t happy, aren’t able to afford
the price of the American Dream
that far-off fantasy endlessly advertised as the ultimate reality

You discover it’s nothing but a mirage
an apparition, with a hollow face
and slippery like an eel

so slippery, so brightly colored and
beautiful, and you get closer and realize
it’s burning, melting, fading away, never really within reach
truly untouchable, and truly ugly

Nothing will be better than that day
that you watch the dream wither
enabling you to dream newer dreams
more powerful than anything anyone has
ever tried to sell you before
and what a dream it will be

Image credit: flickr via h.koppdelaney

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