An Energy Plan Based on Optimism

From Alternet, a reprint of a Grist article by US Rep. Jay Inslee promoting the New Apollo Energy Act. According to Inslee, “New Apollo will commit our nation to clean energy to increase domestic high-tech employment, reduce the effects of climate change, and advance our country toward independence from foreign oil.” I’m particularly impressed by the vision of America that underlies this bill:

New Apollo draws its inspiration from President Kennedy’s original “Apollo” plan, which in 1961 challenged the nation to put a man on the moon within the decade and return him safely to Earth. Kennedy recognized that Americans love a good challenge and are the most creative people in human history. In a similar way, New Apollo challenges Americans to harness their legendary ingenuity and technological prowess to build a clean, economically beneficial energy system on our own planet — a planet we want to keep comfortably fit for human habitation and free from global warming and conflicts arising over the control of petroleum.

This is really inspiring, as Americans are an innovative, creative people — I hope you’ll contact your US Representative and ask them to support it once Inslee introduces it to the House. I’ll keep an eye on it, and let you know about developments.

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