An Illustrated History of the Missouri Botanical Garden

In my several week lead-up to “Blogging ‘Round the Clock,” I’ll be passing along information on all sorts of related matters (but no more than once or twice a week). Today, I wanted to start giving you some background on one of my favorite places on earth: The Missouri Botanical Garden. The Garden has posted an illustrated history on its website, and you’ll see that this St. Louis institution was born out of the 19th-century intersection of individual social and economic mobility, and the expectation that people like Henry Shaw who found tremendous wealth and success give something back to their communities and country.

When my wife and I bought our century-old house three years ago, one of the main attractions was its location two blocks from the Garden. While pictures certainly can’t do complete justice to the beauty of the place, I hope you’ll start to get a sense of why the Garden is the first place I think of when I want to get away for a while…

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