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Thanks to Shari Aaron at Fresh Marketing for tipping me off to alonovo, a green consumer site currently in pre-launch. The portal is the brainchild of Earthsite.net principle Joey Shepp and partner George Polisner. From their press release:

alonovo (latin for sustainable change) is a new shopping and information website providing a marketforce that brings together “socially responsible” businesses and aware, concerned buyers. alonovo buyers know that the purchases they make are not just “things they buy” but rather “items they purchase that will shape a better world.”

alonovo magnifies millions of “responsible buyers” and “ethical shoppers” and aims their portion of the $64 billion dollar e-commerce industry to companies that support positive
environmental and social practices. alonovo provides buyers with unbiased, trusted and easy to navigate information concerning the environmental, social and ethical performance of today’s well-known companies. Buyers shop on alonovo.com for brand name, high quality, competitively priced products made by companies that match their individual concerns for social and environmental responsibility. alonovo.com provides assurance and convenience; allowing this selection criteria to be easily accessed and directly integrated into the shopping experience.

alonovo is an inclusive, inviting people-powered community and meeting ground, open to all political viewpoints. alonovo encourages individuals to work together to dialogue and inspire each of us to learn about our role in fostering responsible business practices. alonovo provides a forum for consumers to act together on the important challenges we face as we work together to create a socially and environmentally sound future.

alonovo will kick off in August. In the meantime, they’ve got a prototype site up, and you can register with them now.

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