Another Special Issue

This time, it’s The American Prospect with a special October issue entitled “The Environment: Death & Rebirth.” The Prospect has gathered a world-class group of writers, including Bill McKibben, Adam Werbach, Ross Gelbspan and Amanda Griscom Little to discuss the politics, potential and problems of the American environmental movement. The Prospect‘s sister site, Moving Ideas, has created a resource guide for the special issue with additional readings.

So far, I’ve read Gelbspan’s piece, which takes the Bush administration to task for an overall lack of focus on planning, whether it be for the Iraq war or Hurricane Katrina. Gelbspan uses this failure as a means of examining the US’ approach to climate change. As you might guess, it’s not pretty. Adam Werbach focuses on the concept of population control, and argues that it’s an ineffective, even dangerous, frame, and pushes for a focus on women’s rights and sustainable development as better ways to deal with population issues. I’ll certainly be diving in to other articles.

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