Architects’ Organization Sets Agressive Sustainability Policy

Since I’m a bit behind, others may have beat me to the punch on this news. It’s definitely worth repeating if that’s the case:

…last week, in a bold step to reverse the environmental impact of the design, construction, and operation of buildings, the AIA’s board of directors released policy statements that set a goal of slashing the fossil fuel consumption of buildings by 50 percent in four years, with additional 10-percent reductions every five years thereafter. They also expressed support for consensus-based standards for sustainable design.

Architects applauded the Institute for the statements, while acknowledging they were long overdue. “This is a wonderful initiative by the AIA,” said Bruce S. Fowle, FAIA, senior principal of FXFOWLE ARCHITECTS and architect of several sustainable buildings, among them Conde Nast’s New York headquarters, the nation’s first green skyscraper. “It is essential that we begin taking a leadership role in changing the consumptive culture of our country and demonstrate to the global community that we are serious about this. Only then can we expect to influence others.”

Let’s hope so. A 50% decrease in four years is pretty ambitious; not settling for a lesser target should help get the idea into wider discussion. Congrats, AIA!

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