Beautiful Urban Garden Pictures

I’ve never done very well with the whole “Wordless Wednesday” thing – guess I just have too much to say! But it’s always good to just shut up and enjoy sometimes, so rather than bashing out my thoughts today, I focused on tracking down some great photos of urban gardens (one of my favorite topics). Enjoy, and feel free to share other photos with us in the comments.

urban container garden with aluminum pots
Bad Alley via photo pin cc
urban african daisies
Bad Alley via photo pin cc
urban vegetable garden
{studiobeerhorst}-bbmarie via photo pin cc
echinacea in the shaw neighborhood
One of my favorites from this Summer’s Something Beautiful Project
permaculture pond
nicolas.boullosa via photo pin cc
balcony container garden
Bad Alley via photo pin cc
funky raised bed garden
jack-opo via photo pin cc
  1. Marcia Rodrigues

    I love plants, also.. we get have time for them, theyΒ΄re part of us. I take photos from my balcony many times. I have a small garden on the balcony, flowers and herbs. IΒ΄ve an orange tree, basil, spring tree, rosemary, oregano, thyme, red pepper, etc.. feels great looking them every morning πŸ˜€

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