7 Best DIY and Upcycling Meetups Around the World

The world of craft construction and home DIY gets better and better as the digital age progresses, allowing people to easily come together in order to share ideas, outlines and even physical supplies in the name of creative ideas being brought to life.

If getting together with other crafty folks in order to share thoughts, ideas, tools and materials sounds like your cup of tea, here are six of the best DIY and upcycling meetups around the world:

1. Craft Factory NY (USA)

Craft Factory NY

If you’re a lover of things handcrafted and upcycled then you’ll fit right in with the crowd at the Craft Factory NY meetups. Held on loose dates throughout the year, Craft Factory gives you the opportunity to meet like-minded crafters, allowing you to exchange ideas with some of the most creative minds in the city.

When & Where: Craft Factory NY meetups take place throughout the year in New York City. Use “Where to Stay” search tool for the list of recommended hotels, and see if there are any that are green in New York City, and try to choose those to patronize.

2. It’s Sock Monkey Time! (USA)

It's Sock Monkey Time!

Curious as to the process that sees a simple discarded sock transformed into a full-featured sock monkey? Join the crafty folks at these meetups in San Jose, California to learn how to create a wide variety of sock figures with such style and precision that you may just consider selling them yourself!

When & Where: You can visit an It’s Sock Monkey Time! meetup in San Jose, California where they are held at fairly regular intervals. The upcoming events are in late June already but you can book the last-minute hotel using CheapHotels.org.

3. DIY Girls (USA)

DIY Girls

Crafty women unite and join the ever-growing DIY movement by joining this growing community of women interested in learning new and improved hands-on skills with an eye towards home improvement and DIY. Make new friends and find new collaborators, all in a fun, relaxed environment.

When & Where: DIY Girls meetups are held all year long at various locations around LosAngeles, California. Check out Las Vegas hotels info here.

4. Jack’s Crafts (USA)

Jack's Crafts

Jack’s Crafts meetups offer visitors a friendly environment in which to spread their creative wings, make new friends and come up with great new ideas! From crocheting and knitting to in-depth home DIY projects, there is no limit to the number of workshops and examples that can be focused on.

When & Where: Jack’s Crafts meetups are typically held twice each month throughout the year in Durham, NorthCarolina. Durham “Getting Arround” information will help you with flight and staying there details.

5. The “Make Something Out of Nothing” Craft Club (England)

The “Make Something Out of Nothing” Craft Club

Focusing on the art of upcycling – that is, to take regular items, often used, and turn them into something extraordinary – the “Make Something Out of Nothing” Craft Club promises to unite crafty and creative souls with the goal of turning the useless into the useful and the tarnished into the beautiful. With guidance and additional tools provided to help you to conquer each meeting’s theme, this group represents a quick and easy way to unleash your creative spirit.

When & Where: The “Make Nothing Out of Something” Craft Club typically meets about once per week in the London, England metro area.

6. Crafternoon Perth (Australia)

Crafternoon Perth

The group members believe that “making” makes people happy, so they encourage everyone to join in to become happier!

When & Where: Perth, Australia. Here’s the location details on the map.

7. Homemade, Handmade and Homegrown (USA)

Homemade, Handmade and Homegrown

Taking a less craft-centric view and turning also towards the art of growing food, brewing beer and being a general DIY expert, the Homemade, Handmade and Homegrown meetup group provides all of the instruction and advice necessary to tackle any creative and useful home project, from planting a garden to renovating the bathroom!

When & Where: If you’re in the Lake Worth, Florida area, look up the Homemade, Handmade and Homegrown group to catch one of their sporadic meetups!

Upcyling is even more fun when you have lots of friends to share your ideas. Join up!

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