Help For The Homeless – Delivered By Bike?

Photo courtesy of Maxim Karp
Photo courtesy of Maxim Karp

This group of friends does exactly that. They gather every Sunday to assemble sack lunches and distribute them to people in need via bike.

Food Not Bombs with a Twist: Burritos and Bike Delivery

The Burrito Project was started in Los Angeles, but chapters have formed in many cities since its inception. The Fullerton, CA chapter meets every Sunday to assemble burritos and distribute them, often to the same people with whom they have developed relationships over the course of weeks or months.

You Can Be the Change

While the sack lunches that are distributed are appreciated and needed, they also serve as a means to offer listening and support to a group of people who direly need it. This small but consistent act has the power to forever alter the outlook of someone who has been all but forsaken by society.

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